Saturday, 27 July 2013

Playing Tetris is my homework!


One summer when I was younger, twelve or so, I was sent to a summer school for the insufferably gifted. I really didn't want to go so I refused to pick a class, which was a terrible idea. In the end I was sent to learn computer programming, something I never would have chosen, since I liked video games. Being denied a summer of watching daytime TV and playing Street Fighter was an outrage and in protest I slept through most of the classes.

There was a final project that we had to do, based on what we learned during the course. People did very simple things like programming a computer to deal blackjack or do a substitution cypher. Things like that. But one kid, and I wonder what happened to him, made a Tetris program. This blew my mind. So, almost 15 years late, I am handing in my homework. I promise I didn't copy off anyone.

Click the left hand screen to begin playing. The left and right arrow keys move the blocks, down arrow slams them. The 's' and 'd' keys rotate the blocks. The 'p' key pauses and unpauses it. If you die click the left screen again to restart. Tetris is such a classic it can hardly be improved, however if you want to try something funny click on the box that says "Fixed" and try playing Tetorus.

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